MD Skyshots is a drone service provider located in Kenmare, Co. Kerry. We provide Aerial Photography, Videography, Virtual Tours, and Framed Prints. With the use of Drones, we capture photos and videos that previously would have only been achieved with a helicopter and a large budget.


We offer a range of services to different industries which help to solve problems that are otherwise difficult, time-consuming, or very expensive to solve. We are trained professionally as an IAA (Irish Aviation Authority) certified drone pilot, completing a professional course with Safedrone Academy in Dublin.


In addition to drone services, MD Skyshots also captures high quality photography and videography at ground level. This allows us to provide a complete package when it comes to photo and video requirements.

MD Skyshots also provides a Virtual Tour service. Using high-quality 360° cameras, we can turn any location into a fully immersive Virtual Tour. This allows you to experience any property or business without physically being there. These tours can be viewed 24/7 on your website. This is a fantastic

We always strives to provide a friendly, high-quality, and prompt service to all our clients. 

We are a member of the Unmanned Aircraft Association of Ireland and is also insured by Coverdrone.

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