Started by Michael Dennehy, MD Skyshots is a digital media service located in Kenmare, Co. Kerry. Providing Aerial Photography, Videography, Virtual Tours, and Framed Prints.


Flying drones as a hobby quickly became a keen interest in how drones can be used to be of benefit to a range of different industries and solve problems that are otherwise difficult, time-consuming, or very expensive to solve. This led Michael to train professionally as an IAA (Irish Aviation Authority) certified drone  pilot, completing a professional course with Safedrone Academy in Dublin. MD Skyshots is also a member of the Unmanned Aircraft Association of Ireland.


In addition to aerial media, MD Skyshots also captures high quality photography and videography at ground level. This provides a complete package when it comes to photo and video requirements.

With the use of Drones, we can now capture photos and videos that previously would have only been achieved with a helicopter and a large budget.

MD Skyshots provide a vast range of services to multiple industries including:

  • Residential - Photography & Videography

  • Commercial - Photography & Videography

  • Framed Prints

  • Real Estate - Photography & Videography

  • Agricultural- Maps / Boundaries / Acreage

  • Aerial Inspections - Roof / Building Inspections / Construction Progress

As well as Drone services, MD Skyshots also provide a new Virtual Tour service. Using high-quality 360° cameras, we can turn any location into a fully immersive Virtual Tour. This allows you to experience any property or business without physically being there. These tours can be viewed 24/7 on your website. This is a fantastic

MD Skyshots always strives to provide a friendly, high-quality, and prompt service to all our clients. 

MD Skyshots is a member of the Unmanned Aircraft Association of Ireland and is also insured by Coverdrone.

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