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What is a Virtual Tour?


A virtual tour is a simulation of an existing location, composed of a sequence of 360° images.


Nothing showcases a property or business like a 360° Virtual Tour. With the use of Drones and 360° cameras, Virtual Tour's can be created of almost any location and numerous industries. Some examples would be:

Hotels & Resorts

Property Sales & Rentals


Restaurants & Bars

Wedding Venues

Event Venues

Fitness Studios & Gyms

Retail & Shopping

Schools & Colleges

Towns & City Council's

Tourist Attractions & Parks


The sky's the limit with these immersive, click and go tours.

Virtual Tour Features

Custom Hotspots Icons


Lead Generation

Custom Infospots Icons


Google Analytics

Live Call

Hosting Included

Branding with your logo



Modern Housing

Integrate your tour with Google Street View


At MD Skyshots we are a Google Street View Trusted Photographer

We integrate your tour with Google and your Google My Business page, opening your business up to a world of potential customers.


Google is now giving business 360° image preference in search results on Google Maps, Street View, Google +, and other Google platforms.


This means adding a Virtual Tour to your business on Google helps increase the foot traffic your business receives, allowing your establishment to be viewed 24/7

​Times are changing, a few years ago no one had a Facebook Business Page, now, that's pretty much mandatory to stay competitive. It's the same with Google and 360° imaging. If your competitors have it, and you don't, Google will send customers their way via better search placement.

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