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Drone Videography County Kerry | Virtual Tours

What is a 360° Virtual Tour?


A 3D Virtual Tour is an interactive online experience allowing visitors to virtually walk inside physical spaces directly from any computer, tablet, or phone. Nothing showcases a property or business like a 360° Virtual Tour. With the use of Drones and 360° cameras, Virtual Tour's can be created of almost any location.


MD Skyshots 360° virtual tours allow your potential customers to see inside your property or business as if they were standing right there in real life. 360° photography will allow potential customers to be able to look up, down and all around to get a feel of the property. With a 360° virtual tour, they’ll be able to explore every nook and cranny of your business or property by clicking on the hotspots or thumbnail within the tour.

What can a Virtual Tour do for your business?

  • Allow you to showcase your property or business in a way that photos and videos can’t

  • Boost your revenue

  • Help to Keep up with modern technology and make you an industry leader!

  • Helps your business gain more exposure

  • Increase customer engagement

  • Make your business stand out, More Visibility

  • Makes customers more likely to visit your business vs. your competition

  • Show off your property or business remotley 24/7

  • Transparency makes you more trustworthy to your prospective customers

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Integrate your tour with Google Street View


At MD Skyshots we are a Google Street View Trusted Photographer

We integrate your tour with Google and your Google My Business page, opening your business up to a world of potential customers.


Google is now giving business 360° image preference in search results on Google Maps, Street View, Google +, and other Google platforms.


This means adding a Virtual Tour to your business on Google helps increase the foot traffic your business receives, allowing your establishment to be viewed 24/7

​Times are changing, a few years ago no one had a Facebook Business Page, now, that's pretty much mandatory to stay competitive. It's the same with Google and 360° imaging. If your competitors have it, and you don't, Google will send customers their way via better search placement.

Mobile & Desktop Compatible


Virtual Tours are fully compatible and responsive on mobile, tablet and desktop devices creating a smooth and easy to use experience for your clients.

MD Skyshots Virtual Tour Features

Embed On Your Website


All tours are hosted online, and can be embedded anywhere on your website. When your tour is complete I will share the HTML code for embedding.

Info icon PNG.png

Info Spots


Create an engaging experience. Add text, images or even video to your Virtual Tours.

Branding PNG.png

Working with your branding


We work to your branding guidelines to ensure a virtual tour that looks and feels a part of your company. your logo will be visible within the virtual tour.

Drone PNG.png

Aerial 360° Photos


We can add on aerial 360° images to any tour. This gives a unique perspective of where you are located and what is nearby.

Cloud storage PNG.png

12 Months Hosting


The same as a website, a virtual tour requires an annual hosting fee to stay live online. We include 12 months hosting in all our packages.

Share to Social Media


The tour can be shared on Facebook. This opens you up to a wide audience and allows the virtual tour be easily shared.

Facebook PNG.png
Talk PNG.png

Working with you


We support you through the whole process, from project planning to delivery of the finished virtual tour.

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Quick turnaround


Got a deadline? Let us know and we'll work to your timescales.

Virtual Tour Examples
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Real Estate FB Preview.jpg

Retail & Showrooms

Cremur FB Preview.jpg


5 Star FB Preview.jpg

Parks & Tourism

Bonane FB Preview.jpg

Hotels & Hospitality

Hotel FB Preview.jpg

Construction Sites

Construction FB Preview.jpg
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