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Traditional manual roof inspections require people to climb onto roofs and take images by using scissor lifts, cherry pickers, scaffolding, harnesses or high ladders. This can be time consuming, labour intensive, costly and potentially dangerous as the work involves the use of elevated work platforms and significant planning. Using drones for roof inspections not only removes any health and safety risk to workers and the need hire expensive equipment, it also offers higher detailed reports, is more cost effective and saves alot more time.


MD Skyshots can conduct a roof inspection by using drones that can capture high resoltution aerial photos and videos. All of our drones are fitted with a 4K-HD cameras to conduct roof inspections capturing evidence of defects or damages in tiles, slate, gutters, ridge tiles, skylights, high-rise windows and chimneys. These aerial photos allow you to zoom in to view the roof in great detail and make it easy to spot any defects. Once we have captured the images they are reviewed by experienced professionals to create detailed Roof Condition Reports that maps out and highlights existing- or potential areas of concern on your roof. It includes annotations and remedy recommendation. This report can then be shared with maintenance companies, investors, assessors, insurance companies etc.


 We are fully insured, licensed and experienced to save you time, cut costs and provide a detailed visual report that is clear and easy to understand.

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