Aerial Mapping

Aerial mapping is the creation of maps using aerial images taken using drones.  Instead of using base maps from Google Earth for example, which can be a number of years old and are low resoltuion. We can create high resolution 2D orthomosaic maps, with up-to-date information of a location. 

Using the photogrammetry process aerial maps are created using the output of hundreds of high-resolution images. These are then merged into one large image using common points within the images. A point cloud generated by the data captured is the basis for all outputs. 3D models can also be created from the same datasets. The output files created can be imported as layers into CAD tools such as AutoCAD and then drawings can be overlaid onto them.

Using drones for aerial mapping can not only save you time and money, but also reduces the health and safety risks of trying to inspect hard to get to areas like roofs,  mountainous areas etc

Output types include 

Georeferenced Imagery - Raster files that are compatible with most common GIS softwares ( GeoTIFF, DEM GeoTIFF, Colourized DEM GeoTIFF, NDVI GeoTIFF)

Standard Imagery - Image files that are suitable for printing or manual GIS work (Tiff, JPG, Colorized DEM JPG, NDVI JPG)

Advanced 3D Outputs - Make 3D measurements and view the data in 3rd party software (Textured 3D Model OBJ, MTL and JPG texture files, Textured 3D Model, Point Cloud XYZ RGB and LAS outputs for compatiblity with CAD and GIS software, 3D KMZ Google Earth and SketchUp compatible 3D model)

Sharable Web Links - Standard web links to share your work with colleagues while still controlling the privacy (URL to Stitched Tile Layer, URL to Colorized DEM Tile Layer, URL to NDVI Tile Layer For use in a user's own custom maps.

Website Data iFrame embed codes to put the data we create into your own site - Map iFrame Embed Code Embed the map with all associated layers on any site, 3D Model iFrame Embed Code Embed the 3D Model preview on any site.

Areas where aerial mapping can help

  • Property appraisal

  • Building inspection

  • Construction Progress

  • Land reclaimation

  • Surveying

  • Solar Panel Installationn

  • Agriculture

  • Architecture

  • Planning permission