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MD Technology Repair Service

MD Skyshots offers a huge range of technology repair services! As well as Drones we also fix computers, phones, tablets and game consoles, and can cater for any repair required. In our Repair Lab, we have all the tools and equipment needed to diagnose and repair most electronic devices. Technology is not cheap and in todays world it is not feasible to buy a new device or upgrade everytime something is damaged or not working as it should. We want to offer a quick and affordable repair service that saves you money and helps you to get the longest lifespan possible from your devices!

Drone Repair

We specialize in complex drone repairs down to micro soldering components under a microscope. We repair faults such as camera failure, broken chassis, motor failure, damaged ribbon cables, software issues and much more.

Technician with Broken Screen

Phone Repair

Have you dropped your smartphone and broken the glass or lcd? Is your device not charging or wont turn on? We repair all brands of smartphones including Apple, Samsung, Huawei and OnePlus. From screen and glass repair to data restoration and charger port repair, we have got you covered!

Tablet Repair

We fix all brands of tablets including Ipads, Samsung Galaxy Tabs, Amazon Fire and many more. Common repairs on these devices would be charger port cleaning or replacement and screen replacement.

Tablet PC
Fixing a Computer

Computer & Laptop Repair

Is your laptop or computer very slow or wont turn on? Have you damged the screen? Does the keyboard not work anymore? We can give your computer a full health check, replace you Hard Disk Drive with a much faster Solid State Drive, Recover your files, replace your battery, scan and remove viruses and much much more!

Game Console Repair

We can also fix and service your Playstation, XBox or Nintendo games console. Common issues can range from the device not turning on, no internet connection, faulty controllers to general cleaning and maintenance.

White gaming controller
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