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Unmanned Aircraft System (UAV) Quadcopte


MD Skyshots offers high quality aerial photos and videos for construction progress and inspections. Utilizing aerial imaging and data we can help construction companies manage their resources more effectively, make decisions with more accurate data, track site progress more easily, provide methods to share progress with investors and customers alike, add to workplace safety, and save money throughout the process. 

If you’re starting a new construction project from the ground up, drone imaging and data capture can help you demonstrate site progress over time. Whether a few times a week, or once a month, aerial video, stills, and data points can be gathered from set locations to demonstrate whether or not your project is on time and on budget or not. Developing a catalogue of your projects and their progression will also add to your ability to market your construction firm to other similar projects by demonstrating your workplace management and attention to timelines and time constraints

High resolution photos also help when identifying defects in areas that are hard to access. Using Drones to inspect roofs, high buildings or dangerous areas can help save time and money by reducing the need for specialist equipment or scaffolding to access these areas. Something that would normally take hours can be captured and viewed in minutes.

Aerial photos and videos of a construction site can also help with site management. Clearly see the best place to store materials, parking, access for machinery and much more.

MD Skyshots Construction Progression Features

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We take photos of the project from multiple angles. These photos are marked by GPS which allows the drone take photos from the exact same location, height and angle during each site visit.

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Different flight paths are recorded around the project. Site flyovers, waypoint missions and orbit videos are captured during each site visit. At the end of the project we can create start to finish timelapse videos.

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Virtual Tours allow internal and external progress to be viewed remotely in a 360° view on computer, tablet or smartphone. These tours can be extremely valuable. All parties involved in the build can view the project at each stage remotely as if they were there, from the comfort of their own office. Location's of electrical wires, pipes and other hidden objects can be identified easily. It also gives the ability to virtually visit the property at a certain point in time in the case of future disputes or issues.

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We create up-to date, high resolution, visual documentation maps, with real-time information about project and state of the surrounding areas.  Ortho maps are created by stitching hundreds of geo tagged images together to create a high resolution map. These maps can be used to track progress, keep track of materials and machinery and identify possible issues in advance.


Our advanced drones use state-of-the-art software to create detailed 3D models of buildings and construction sites. These models provide valuable information that can help you save money, use fewer resources, and streamline your workflow for more efficient operations.

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NOTE: While MD Skyshots is capable of aerial data collection, visitors should know that we do not interpret survey grade information.  For projects where exact measurements count, you still need to rely on a licensed land surveyor or survey engineer. All maps are for visual documentation only.

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High and hard to get to roofs can be dangerous and expensive to inspect. Drones can save the need for scaffolding, cherry pickers and other equipment and can also reduce risk to workers who have to inspect dangerous areas. High- resolution aerial images and maps can be zoomed in great detail and examined safely from the ground.

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All media can be delivered online. Once we have been on site and processed the data, its then uploaded to a secure folder on Dropbox. We can also create a custom Construction Progression webpage where all photos, videos, 360° Virtual Site Tours and site maps can be easily viewed in one location. This webpage will be updated after each site visit, is password protected and can be shared instantly with all relevant parties, ensuring a fast and efficient workflow.

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