Unmanned Aircraft System (UAV) Quadcopte


MD Skyshots offers high quality aerial photos and videos for construction progress and inspections.


We will call on site regularly at weekly, fortnightly or monthly intervals. Capturing photos and videos of the project from the same postions on each visit, the end product shows the building take shape from the ground up.

High resolution photos also help when identifying defects in areas that are hard to access. Using Drones to inspect roofs, high buildings or dangerous areas can help save time and money by reducing the need for specialist equipment or scaffolding to access these areas. Something that would normally take hours can be captured and viewed in minutes.

Aerial photos and videos of a construction site can also help with site management. Clearly see the best place to store materials, parking, access for machinery and so on.

Some of the media we can offer construction companies are

- Aerial Photos

- Aerial Videos

- Inspections of hard to reach areas such as roofs, church steeples, transmission towers etc.

- Custom Site Maps including date stamps, points of interest and annotations

- Digital Surface Models

- 360 Virtual Tours of the project (External and internal)

- Password protected Construction Progress Hub wepage

We create a custom Construction Progress Hub webpage, where all progress can be viewed easily by the contractor, project manager and owner. This webpage is password protected and is updated throughout the course of the project. On the webpage you will find photos, videos, site maps and virtual tours taken from different stages of the project.  When the construction project is complete, you have a full detailed view of the progression from start to finish.


A new video orbiting the building will be captured during each site visit to show overall progress of the project.

Below are Virtual Tours that will be updated with each site visit. The top ribbon menu allows you to chose between tours from different dates.

-Click the 4 corner box on the right to view in fullscreen
-Click on the white arrows or use the lower ribbon menu to go to each spot.
-To look around, click and move your mouse, or on smartphone and tablet use your finger.
-On smartphone and tablet, view in the landscape orientation for best viewing experience.



Below are still images of the project shot from multiple angles. All image locations and shot setups have been recorded and will be re-shot weekly or fortnighlty to show the progression on the construction site.
Click the arrow to the right on each image to  go to the next date and view the progress.

 Below you will see a sample orthomosaic site map and digital surface model. These can be used to keep track of progress on site throughout the project. Each site visit a new map layer is created, making it easy to see the changes on site.

The orthomosaic shows a high resoltution top down view of the site. The digital elevation lets you view the high and low points on site. This can be handy to identify any ground that may need to be levelled or to spot areas on site that may be prone to flooding.

Screenshot 2021-07-04 23.01.05.png
Screenshot 2021-07-04 23.01.26.png